May 14, 2019

Fancy A Test Drive? Renting a GoodBox

Would you buy a car without test driving it? Of course not. We like to know how it drives, if all the bells and whistles are working and if we look as cool as we thought we might while driving it. At GoodBox, we understand that charities can have a similar, hesitant approach to adopting new technology. After all, if charities invest a lot of money into a venture that doesn’t work out, that’s money wasted that could have gone to great causes. For this reason, we’ve made it possible to rent devices to give charities the opportunity to test drive our units (you’ll look just as cool as you imagined, we promise).

The Nevis Landscape Partnership wanted to test out our GBx Core devices. They work tirelessly around Ben and Glen Nevis with a range of local, national and international organisations. They not only protect but enhance the legacy of our wonderful natural heritage for locals and visitors alike. They decided to trial the GBx Core at the 2019 Fort William Mountain Festival. Fort William might be famous for the iconic steam train scene in the first Harry Potter movie, but it definitely isn’t famous for good network coverage. The offline capability of the GBx Core was key in fundraising in this remote location. The device particularly impressed the younger crowd over the weekend as they weren’t carrying cash but still wished to donate.

“It was really exciting to be one of the first customers of this type of device…in a very rural location, the fact that the technology works offline is a massive benefit to us”

– Iona Skyring, The Nevis Landscape Partnership.

Now with a 5-year Heritage Lottery funded programme just finished, the Nevis Landscape Partnership have been looking for new ways to raise money for the important work they do. Having been impressed with the GBx Core when they rented it, they purchased it outright after the rental period ended. As the busy summer months approach, the charity have installed a new GBx Core at the Ben Nevis Visitor Centre. As many people who go up the hill don’t carry change with them, a contactless device is a great alternative. Keep an eye out if you’re attempting the climb!

From the Highlands of Scotland to the Tubes of London, connectivity can be an issue anywhere.

Haringey Phoenix Group works with and for all visually impaired people in the London Borough of Haringey. Working largely at a grassroots level, they promote the interests and rights of visually impaired people on both a local and national scale. They regularly fund raise across tube and rail stations in central London and have two major concerns: some of their collectors are visually impaired and stations’ WiFi can range from good to non-existent.

“GoodBox’s Core device has resolved both of these issues with the simplicity of its screen and the acceptance of donations offline”

– Dave Fuller, Haringey Phoenix Group.

The charity rented GBx Cores for fundraising during the morning and evening rush-hours at Liverpool Street Station. The proceeds go towards classes, one-to-one support and visual awareness training for medical students. The positive results led to the purchase of devices for their regular fundraising. In just six weeks, Haringey Phoenix Group paid off the price of the contactless GBx Cores in full and have been achieving fantastic results ever since.

Two different charities, two very different causes, but one common desire to modernise their fundraising. Both wanted to trial the new contactless technology but after renting them and being impressed with the results, they later bought devices and they’ve never looked back. We’re thrilled to support these two fantastic organisations. It’s our passion to empower charities to maximise their fundraising efforts and in an increasingly cashless society, the days of shaking change buckets are numbered.

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