The way we give is changing.

Faster now than ever before.

Cash is no longer king.

Cash usage is plummeting, and amid coronavirus the use of digital forms of payment have skyrocketed, leaving cash dependent charities in a tight spot.

We’re for innovation.

We’re GoodBox. A technology company dedicated to building solutions which help charities and fundraisers – be that businesses or individuals - raise more money, reach new donors and become more effective. We’ve processed millions in donations doing just that.

A one-stop shop for digital fundraising

Out-of-the-box fundraising
Fundraise anywhere, anytime with offline capability
Contactless payment technology built for fundraising
Single sign-up to a host of fundraising tools
Secure & certified

Meet our award-winning payment technology

GBx Core.

Achieve unparalleled donor engagement through showcasing your cause’s video or still content on an 5.5” HD screen. Our data shows that the GBx Core raises 65% more than market alternatives without a screen.

Up To 4 Hours Battery Life
Full Connectivity & Offline Mode

GBx Mini.

Seamlessly transition between Chip & Pin and contactless mode for ultimate versatility. Take donations over the phone, fundraise at events for high-ticket items or use with one of our custom-built accessories.

All Major Payment Methods
Up To 4 Hours Battery Life

GBx Mini Bundle

Add a new dimension to your fundraising with our GBx Mini Stand bundle.


GBx Podium

Paired with the GBX Core

Why contactless?

Safer & more hygienic

Exchanging cash can transmit coronavirus. A tap to give transaction is contactless and safe for volunteers & staff.

Higher donation values

Donors dig deeper with contactless than with their spare coppers. Our average donation size peaked at £11.90.

Effortless admin

With no need to handle, count and manage cash, contactless fundraising frees you from administration. All donations are logged in our portal, enabling you to effortlessly track and monitor your campaigns.

Cashless society

Cash withdrawals are down 60% from this period last year, while 72% of people think coronavirus will affect their future cash usage. It has never been more critical to accept digital forms of donations.

Start your contactless journey with us today


We’re for
data-driven results.

GoodBox Portal.

Learn More

For Fundraisers:

Track, analyse and adjust your strategy with fundraising data from all of your GoodBox devices. The portal is updated hourly so you can keep your team engaged.

For Finance:

View and download settlement reports, and access detailed analysis of your donation income through intuitive graphs and downloadable CSV files.

Customer service is seamless

from initial contact to product set-up. We recommend GoodBox as the way forward for cashless giving.

We saw a 64% increase

in our donation income through working with GoodBox.

After something more specific?

Our technology has had huge impact on non-profits across the UK, whether that’s through congregational fundraising, CSR or local council campaigns.

Join our community of fundraisers and charities

We work with thousands of organisations to connect donors with incredible causes through technology. Now we’ve inviting you to join our membership community, free of charge.

Become a member today
Perks include:
  • Free sign-up to our platform
  • Exclusive member discounts
  • Early access to white papers and events

We’re for bright ideas, and sharing them

Download our latest white paper, published in partnership with Third Sector and see how charities can use technology to thrive, both during lockdown and in a post-coronavirus landscape.

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