As digital fundraising pioneers, supporting charities over the last 4 years has shown us they need more than a contactless provider, they need a fundraising partner – That’s where GoodBox comes in.

Our charity partners see an increase of 60% in donations using GoodPartner for their fundraising strategy.

At GoodBox we are experts in fundraising and understand the needs of charities. By supporting your fundraising efforts, we offer vital strategic advice, enhanced reporting alongside the GoodPortal as well as hands-on training to guarantee you and your team are confident handling the devices. Our remote device monitoring allows us to flag any offline devices and ensure optimal device performance.

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Why partner with GoodBox?

Experts in Fundraising

Access a dedicated GoodPartner who specialises in contactless fundraising, understands your needs and offers vital strategic support.

Hands-on Training

GoodPartner ensures you and your team receive extensive training with your GoodBox devices and on the GoodPortal.


Your GoodPartner provides key industry insights and analysis on your fundraising metrics to optimise your fundraising strategy.

The GoodPortal

When partnering with GoodBox you get access to the GoodPortal which provides detailed insights on your donations and devices. The GoodPortal allows you to monitor time and date of donations as well as to optimise your fundraising strategy.