GoodBox Portal

Track, analyse, and improve your fundraising.

We believe in data driven fundraising. It’s what we do. The GoodBox Portal makes it easier than ever to keep on top of your contactless fundraising trends.

Consolidate all your contactless fundraising data for easy management and analysis. Quickly pull reports to see which devices are excelling and identify areas for improvement. Utilise key insights into donor behaviour such as time and location of donation, helping you to understand where and when your supporters are more likely to engage. You can also add multiple users to your account to make the insights available to your whole team.

Got questions? Call us on 0333 050 4736 from 9am-6pm Monday to Friday.

Platform features

Time of Day

See at exactly what time each donation was made

Card Origin

A breakdown of where donor's cards are from

Cumulative total

A display showing how your total donations have grown


Individually analyse the performance of each of your devices

Value Analysis

Chart displaying the the mix of transaction values

Day of the Week

View the proportion of donations made on each day of the week

Data Table

Volume and value of transactions, in the time range of your choice

Value Count

View the number of donations made in each transaction value in a particular time range

Transaction Download

Download a spreadsheet containing each individual donation and the information related to it

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