BIDs & Councils

Community is at the heart of charity. We work with local organisations to help connect generous people with the causes they care about. 

With fewer people carrying cash and issues such as homelessness on the rise, councils and Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) play an increasingly vital role in connecting the dots in our communities. At GoodBox, we have a wealth of experience in mass participation fundraising, even powering the long-running Mayor of London’s homeless initiative TAP London.

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“The support and expertise from GoodBox were second to none. They are more than just a provider, they are a partner in fundraising. Through our work, we’ve engaged over 60,000 Londoners to stop and make a donation to homelessness with a simple tap of a card.”

Katie Whitlock, Co-Founder TAP London

“This scheme uses technology and innovation to improve the lives of some of the city’s most vulnerable people. We know members of the public want to help rough sleepers, and this initiative empower them to make a difference.”

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