May 28, 2017

Teenage Cancer Trust Concert


The Teenage Cancer Trust’s concert at the Royal Albert Hall marks GoodBox’s first large scale trial of contactless giving.

The concerts have become a rather prestigious event since they were initiated in 2000. With one concert every night from the March 27 – 2 April, the event takes much planning but also manages to bring in a significant amount in donations for Teenage Cancer Trust. The money raised goes towards the treatment and support of young people who are suffering from, or are affected by cancer.

As this was GoodBox’s first large-scale event, there was a lot on the line and certainly some nerves circling concerning how the devices would do. Questions were running through our head. Despite this, we were excited to finally see our idea being turned into a reality. As the concerts came to an end, we saw our results. They were promising.

Contactless donations through our devices made nearly matched that of the cash buckets, and they blew text donations out of the park. A member of the Teenage Cancer Trust told us that the experience using the GoodBox technology was excellent, and that she “preferred it to the buckets as you had time to chat to the people donating.”

This event was exhilarating for GoodBox, and it has really solidified our future in charity fundraising.

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