"GoodBox has provided us with more than a contactless donation solution. They come with an understanding of what compels visitors to donate.”

Karl Roberts, Head of Visitor Experience - National History Museum

NHM, London

October 11, 2018

Isabelle Foss


Natural History Museum

We have been working with the Natural History Museum since the very beginning of our journey in early 2017. In fact, they were our first client.

They’ve gone on to be one of our best. NHM aims to continue advancements in the science of nature through their world famous exhibitions. From the enormous blue whale skeleton on display in their cavernous Hintze Hall to Dippy the Dinosaur (currently touring the UK), Natural History Museum aims to inspire us through exploring the biology of the past. Their prime location in London’s Kensington neighbourhood, amidst other large museums draws in crowds of 1.5 million people per year.

However, as public spending cuts continue to restrict funding to national museums across the UK, GoodBox is ideally placed to aid the NHM in its mission.

We first installed 6 GBx Pro units in June 2017. The units were placed in various locations across the museum; at entrances, exits, in the middle of exhibition spaces. Working in the museum alongside NHM’s brilliant visitor team has been an interesting learning curve for us here at GoodBox. Many questions emerged: how do you motivate visitors to donate to a free museum, when is the best time to capture donations, where is the best locations for devices, and how much are people willing to donate? Our partnership with the NHM has allowed us to explore many of these questions, and to unpack a wealth of interesting data and findings.

“The success of our initial trial has given us the confidence to continue with this exciting company and has increased our donation revenue significantly without negatively impacting our cash donations.”

Child Donating £5

Proactive experimentation and a strong partnership has resulted in contactless donations forming an average of 22% of NHM’s total donations since our launch in June 2017. In June this year, two of the GBx Pros were raised from £5 to £10, which prompted a 32% rise in total donations. We were able to recreate this rise in August, after two additional GBx Pros were raised to £20, providing a boost of 39%. All in all, NHM have seen a rise of 64% in their donation income.

Our GBx Pro is a sentinel device that is perfectly suited for large venues like museums. Its seven-day charge adds the element of manoeuvrability needed for those spaces, whilst its size gives it some necessary stature in a space like Hintze Hall! We look forward to a continued partnership with the NHM, so that more visitors can benefit from its world-class research.

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