October 11, 2018

Natural History Museum

Home to Hope the whale and Dippy the dinosaur, the Natural History Museum (NHM) has been a landmark for seeing the wonders of the natural world (both past and present) since its grand opening in 1881. As the most visited natural history museum in Europe and one of the top science attractions, this world-renowned museum sees it’s fair share of visitors. The NHM welcomes scientists, researchers, TV crews and tourists from all corners of the world under its roof on a regular basis, opening its doors to around five million visitors each year. While its iconic exhibitions like the Wildlife Photographer of the Year is seen by 140,000 visitors

However, despite the significant footfall which the NHM attracts each year, the museum only receives donations from a small proportion of its visitors. As a charity, the NHM relies on this support from its donors to both maintain the museum and help fuel its work in helping to protect the natural world. With the rise of contactless payments, it was becoming rarer that the NHM’s visitors would be carrying around spare change to donate with. Situated in London, the leading city in the UK for cashless payments, the NHM knew it needed to adjust if it wanted to continue to generate funds. 

A million pounds and counting…


GoodBox has been working with NHM since we first launched our contactless collection devices in early 2017. ​The idea was simple – to increase the number of donations received by the museum’s visitors by making donating as easy as a tap. Our t