November 16, 2018

Abu Bakr Masjid

Abu Bakr Masjid (ABM) is one of the largest mosques in Reading. Having been open for over four years, the beautiful building has become a hub for tight knit communities where people can come to pray, learn and socialise.

GoodBox started working with ABM in the closing months of 2018 but the success of the partnership is already apparent. ABM opted for a mobile device and after only a week it managed to pay for itself, whilst cash donations have been unaffected. Overall, ABM has seen a 25% increase in income from donations as a result of their device. The increased funds will go towards improving and maintaining the Mosque, whilst also enhancing the education and experience for the patrons.

GoodBox is incredibly proud to work alongside ABM. Osman Hashmi, a member of ABM’s staff, has not only supported the introduction of the device, but has also given some amazing insight into the Islamic faith.

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