April 15, 2019

GoodBox launches Cyclone Idai Appeal

Last month, Cyclone Idai wreaked havoc on Zimbabwe and Malawi. An estimated 3 million people have been affected by whats regarded as one of the worst tropical storms to ever hit the Southern Hemisphere. This catastrophe has led to flooding, resulting in over 1,000 deaths and over 400,000 left without a home. Families are desperately fighting for survival, trapped in their homes and fleeing to rooftops. Others have been forced out of their flooded homes, and now lack basic supplies including food, water, shelter and sanitation. 

With half of the 3 million affected being children, something needs to be done quickly to stem the effects of the disaster. 

“People living in the path of the storm have seen family members lost in the floods, they’ve seen their homes and livelihoods washed away. The after-effects of this crisis will be felt for some time to come.”

Ben Webster, British Red Cross

GoodBox, a proud supplier of The Church of England has partnered with Christian Aid in an effort to raise much needed emergency funds. These will enable the provision of food, shelter, water, clothing and medicine to those affected by the devastating cyclone. In making 500 GBx Core devices available to churches across the UK, we hope to reduce existing barriers to giving and increase country-wide donor engagement. 

Churches from across the UK have opted to accept a contactless donation point, free of charge through GoodBox’s partnership with Parish Buying and The Church of England.  

In May, all devices in the appeal will begin fundraising for Christian Aid Week. From May 12th to 18th this annual fundraising drive has helped raise over £8 million to help poor communities.  

Once the appeal finishes, participating churches will have the opportunity to purchase the device outright, enabling them to collect for their own charitable causes and to continue raising money through GoodBox’s state-of-the-art contactless technology. 

Congregations across the UK are coming together to support the appeal and play their part in providing emergency aid. If you would like to be part of the effort to help those affected by Cyclone Idai, Parish Buying members can apply to the appeal here. Otherwise, please register with them here (it’s free and quick). 

Alternatively, contact us at sales@goodbox.com and enquire about getting a contactless unit delivered to your parish, free of charge. 

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