April 15, 2019

North Yorkshire Moors Railway Trust

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway Trust (NYMRT) presides over 18 miles of historic and picturesque railway in North Yorkshire. Whether you’re looking to dive into historically themed stations, nostalgic tea rooms or a meal with a scenic view, they’ve got you covered.

Unfortunately, keeping history alive isn’t free and the fantastic volunteer’s at NYMRT rely on donations to provide this service. But in an increasingly cashless world, donors find it difficult to provide the necessary support.

In a bid to keep up with the fast pace society is running at, NYMRT partnered with us at GoodBox and we were able to provide them with a customised contactless donation point.

The GBx Integrated model sits in an outdoor display in the train station, removing barriers to donation and allowing patrons to tap and donate the amount they choose.

“We are extremely appreciative of each donation and we’re excited about this new and convenient donation station, which will help make a big difference to the heritage of the railway.”

Laura Strangeway, Head of Marketing, NYMR

Providing another avenue with which donors can support NYMRT has been pivotal in helping keep the 180-year-old railway track in shipshape so the team can continue to wow their visitors, one tap at a time.

In just over six weeks, NYMRT have managed to pay off the price of the contactless device, and then some.

Keeping British history alive and well is a noble cause and we were thrilled to be able to support NYMRT in providing cultural, social and aesthetic value to the North Yorkshire region.

This new venture has not only opened new doors for the team at NYMRT, but also for us at GoodBox as we look to provide contactless devices and support to other heritage sites and museums across the country.

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