December 2, 2019

Having a ball with Muscular Dystrophy UK

Over 70,000 children and adults live in the UK with a progressive muscle-wasting or associated condition. There is no cure, it limits and in some cases, shortens lives. Muscular Dystrophy UK (MDUK) funds pioneering research in to treatments and cures to improve lives today and transform those of future generations. The charity also offers information, advice and support to help people live well with a muscle-wasting condition. There are more than 60 muscle-wasting conditions, which impact quality of life, mobility and independence. MDUK campaigns to drive change to see better care so that people can stay active and connected.

To continue their vital work, MDUK relies on the generous donations of its supporters. As well as monthly donations, payroll giving and Gift Aid, MDUK holds fundraising events to raise thousands of pounds to further their cause. One of their biggest annual fundraisers, now in its 36th year is the Microscope Ball.

This is where GoodBox comes in!

The party of the year

Every Autumn, MDUK hosts their annual flagship event, the Microscope Ball. This fundraising extravaganza is a night of celebration, with show-stopping performances and an unforgettable party, all in aid of a great cause. Attended by over 750 high-profile industry professionals from London’s most prestigious commercial and property development companies, the Microscope Ball is an event not to be missed.

So far, the event has raised over £2m for MDUK. This year saw an innovative and exciting new development with the introduction of the integrated GoodBox contactless technology into their operations. Our custom-made, contactless donation terminals and units are specially designed for the aid sector, helping charities and non-profits raise funds without relying on collecting cash.

Placed centre-stage on 74 tables alongside the Hollywood Glamour-themed table decorations, our GBx Core devices were in prime position to collect donations throughout the night while guests enjoyed the entertainment and bubbly. Thanks to simple tap to give technology, the award-winning GBx Core devices gave guests the chance to pay for games & raffle tickets with their contactless bank card or smartphone as well as with cash.

The evening’s compère – England rugby champion Will Greenwood – ensured that the attendees were made fully aware of the extensive capabilities of our cashless donation units and encouraged them to engage with them over the course of the evening. In fact, the attendees were so enthusiastic that a final mass tap pledge of over £7,000 was raised in just 5 minutes! 

“This was the first time we had used contactless, and it is clear that guests preferred it to cash! We had no connectivity issues and contactless payments of up to £30 could be taken offline which gave us great peace of mind. In just 5 minutes we raised £7,318 in donations which increased our pledged income by a massive 85%.”

Muscular Dystrophy

Tech for good

By implementing contactless fundraising technology, and putting on a wonderful event, MDUK beat their all-time fundraising record. Overall, an amazing £382,000 was raised for MDUK through table sales, auctions, games, raffles and pledges captured by cash and contactless donations. These generous donations enable MDUK to continue funding innovative research into treatments and cures and provide vital support to families and individuals with muscle-wasting conditions.

As the night neared an end, Hayley Lloyd took to the stage to share her experiences as the mother of a child living with muscular dystrophy. Hayley’s son Tommy – now a teenager – was diagnosed with limb girdle muscular dystrophy (LGMD2E) at the age of six, and she shared the reality of their lives, as well as the support that had been offered to them when they so desperately needed it. The room was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop.

Our team at GoodBox were volunteering on the night, and this powerful testimonial was a beautiful reminder of why we do what we do. We support charities to fundraise more effectively, enabling them to focus more on what matters: their mission.

Here at GoodBox, we support fundraisers across the UK with events and galas. If you have any upcoming events you think contactless would benefit, simply get in touch with our team at