April 3, 2020

Bringing contactless to the great outdoors with Nevis Partnership

Investing in fundraising technology can be a big step for charities, especially for smaller organisations with limited budgets. But that doesn’t mean that newer donation methods like contactless fundraising are out of reach. For one-off fundraisers or special events, charities can rent one of our contactless donation devices, giving them the capabilities to collect donations the modern way without needing to buy one – which is exactly what the Nevis Landscape Partnership did for their annual Fort William Mountain Festival.

The Nevis Landscape Partnership is a community initiative that aims to protect the land around Glen Nevis and Ben Nevis in the Grampian mountains of Scotland. Focusing on conservation, community engagement and education, the Nevis Landscape Partnership runs various projects on a yearly basis. Many of these events, like the Fort William Mountain Festival, are volunteer-led, made up of outdoor enthusiasts who are eager to help others enjoy, respect and protect the great outdoors. Like many community organisations, the Nevis Landscape Partnership relies on its supporters to carry out its work and continue to put on fantastic events each year.


Taking the first step


In early 2019, the Nevis Landscape Partnership decided to dip its toe into digital fundraising. By renting a GBx Core, they were able to try out contactless fundraising during their annual Fort William Mountain Festival and see if investing in one of our digital donation devices was worth it.

Being the tallest mountain in the British Isles, Ben Nevis has patchy signal. While this is great if you’re looking to do a digital detox, this did mean that the Nevis team were initially apprehensive about how effective mobile and event fundraising could be. Lucky for them (and us), they were pleasantly surprised by the success of the GBx Core, as its offline capability meant that they could fundraise even in remote locations. 

“It was really exciting to be one of the first customers to use this device. In a very rural location, the fact that the technology works offline is a massive benefit to us. Thank you for the support, going the extra mile, and for your interest in our work.”​

The Nevis Partnership was so thrilled with the success of the GBx Core that they decided to take the plunge by purchasing two devices outright to keep the momentum of their mobile fundraising going all year round at their Visitor Centre. The beauty of the GBx Core, our portable contactless fundraising device, is that it works offline and can be moved to wherever it’s needed. So for the next outdoor event in the Nevis Landscape Partnership Calendar, they can use the same device for both fundraising stations within their visitor centre, as well as in the great outdoors and alpine heights. Talk about taking fundraising to new heights! Plus, thanks to the HD screen on the GBx Core, they can share their mission anywhere, even on the top of the highest mountain on the British Isles!


Deciding to embrace digital fundraising can be a big step, particularly for smaller charities and organisations. At GoodBox, we work tirelessly to help charities, nonprofits and other organisations modernise their fundraising with the help of tech. To help you do this, we offer various ways for you to benefit from our custom-made contactless donation devices. Great for one-off events or trying out our service, renting a GoodBox device gives you a way to collect donations digitally without needing to purchase a device. If you’re blown away by the positive impact to your donation income (and we have no doubt you will) then you can buy a device to use again and again. 


To find out more about our devices and our renting options, get in touch with our team at sales@goodbox.com.