February 22, 2021

Easter fundraising ideas for your church during lockdown

Looking back at the past year

With Easter just around the corner we find ourselves looking back at the past year with mixed emotions. After all, we’re now creeping up on the one year anniversary of the national Covid-19 lockdown – and all that has come with it. 

But despite the challenges, communities are still coming together to support each other. Fundraising has become more creative, individuals have changed the way they interact, and community outreach has become more important than ever. 


Why it’s so important to embrace Easter – even during lockdown!

Easter is one of the most important occasions in the Christian calendar, marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Typically churches all over the UK would celebrate Easter with outdoor events designed for visitors of all ages, inviting families to enjoy egg hunts, games, and the celebration of Christ. 

This year is set to be a little different – but that doesn’t mean we have to slow down our fundraising efforts or take the spotlight away from the community spirit that Easter celebrates. The church is now, and always will be, a place of great comfort for many, meaning that now is the time to be supporting it as much as we can. 

Our top ideas for church fundraising – in lockdown

The internet is full of Spring fundraising ideas, from garage sales to cake sales and even Spring bake-off competitions. 

Why not try out one of our fundraising ideas for your church and see how it impacts both the financial standing of your church organisation AND the spirit across your local town or village. 

1. Run an online workshop for children and their parents

The great thing about this is that it promotes education and allows children to engage with each other – something that many will have missed during the Winter months with school closures on top of social distancing. 

Create fun online games and quizzes, sell tickets for family groups, and ultimately help children and their parents get involved in the meaning of Easter alongside their friends. 

Find out more about running a successful workshop with this craft blog!

2. Start a gardening club – and perhaps run a contest or two!

How many of us finally took some notice of our gardens during lockdown? The fact is, as soon as we were put into lockdown and told to stay at home, our natural progression was towards the garden, with families all over the UK suddenly learning to grow their own vegetables and create stunning bouquets from homegrown flowers. 

Why not harness all of this effort, with a contest to see whose vegetables and flowers are the best? Charge for every competition entry, create a dedicated online page for entry posting, and watch as the entire community gets involved to show off their lockdown project and support the church. 

3. Hold a silent auction

This is a wonderful way of engaging and interacting with the community as a whole and can allow local small businesses who may also be struggling to get their name back in the public eye. Ask for local restaurant vouchers, gift vouchers for stores, and donations from individuals. Build up a great prize haul, then arrange the draw to be streamed online for all who want to be involved. 

We recommend giving yourself plenty of time to sell loads of tickets and collect as many great prizes as possible! And if the sun is shining on draw day, why not invite people to bring their own picnics and be a part of the draw from a safe distance?

4. Get online!

This one is more about the way you market your fundraising venture. Use the power of social media to your advantage, create an event page on Facebook, and encourage people to share photos of their own fundraising initiatives online. This is a great way of allowing people from all over the community to engage in their own fundraising activities, but still feel like they are part of something bigger!

Check out our 2020 blog on the power of social media fundraising initiatives, for more ideas. 

5. Create ways of donating remotely

This may seem like a simple one, but if you don’t have the technology to allow your community to donate remotely and without cash, you are immediately cutting down the amount of donations you’ll receive. Remember that people aren’t carrying as much cash anymore, and so the more options you can present, the better! 

And if you need any more convincing, check out this blog shared by a mobile app site – did you know that churches accepting online donations can, on average, receive 32% MORE than churches that accept cash only?! 

Check out our Services page to see how we can support and build your fundraising efforts online. 

And finally…

Make it clear to your congregation and community that you still need their support – even when you can’t open your doors as freely as you would like. 


GoodBox is here to serve charities and nonprofits. Our contactless ‘tap-to-give’ tech helps boost fundraising efforts by allowing organisations to move away from a reliance on cash, and towards a more modern way of collecting donations. If you’re curious to find out how we can help your organisation improve its fundraising efforts, get in touch today.

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