October 20, 2021

A guide to overcoming challenges in fundraising

To say that the last year has been a tumultuous time for the charity sector is quite an understatement. Most charities and non-profits had to scramble to adjust their fundraising plans, at the same time as navigating an increased demand for their services due to the financial impact of COVID-19 on the general public.

At GoodBox, we help charities and not-for-profits get back on their feet and move forward through innovation and new technologies. From local charities to big national names, we work with organisations of all sizes. It is through these partnerships that we’ve noticed some common fundraising issues. Here, we will lay out these fundraising challenges and give you some inspiration on how some charities are resolving them.

A reduction in individual donations

The economic downturn of the last year meant that many households had less money for charity. The Charities Aid Foundation surveyed charities across the UK and found that over half experienced a drop in donations due to COVID-19.

This was the latest in a string of high-profile challenges that have led to a drop in the number of people donating to charities over the last few years. A crucial factor in this downt