GoodBox is made up of a community of over 1,500 charities, ranging from NHS trusts to world-famous heritage sites. Now we’re inviting you to join our vibrant community.

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A community of fundraisers

At GoodBox, we exist solely to make fundraising easier and more effective in an increasingly cashless society. Since 2016, we’ve processed over £4,000,000 in contactless donations by supporting our charity members to successfully adopt this new fundraising channel. Plus, as part of our commitment to the sector, we regularly host round-table discussions on topics from Gift Aid to street fundraising, and release data-rich white papers.

Benefits of membership

Free platform sign-up

Onboard onto the GoodBox platform for free (RRP £50). Once you’re all set-up, you’ll have immediate and ongoing access to our contactless fundraising devices, as well as any other fundraising products we release. All funds raised will be safely remitted into your organisation’s bank account.

Hardware discounts

Get 25% off any device rental ordered before April 2021. For a 2-week rental, that reduces the cost from £95 to £71.25. Plus you can get 10% off any hardware lease or purchase in the same period. On a 36-month lease on our GBx Core, that’s a saving of £90.

Referral scheme

If you love GoodBox, get rewarded for sharing the good news! Your organisation will get one month’s fee-free fundraising for the first 3 referrals made in each year of your membership. That means you won’t be charged any transaction fees on your donations for a whole month! If you raise £3,000 in a month, that’s a saving of £138 for your cause. Calculated on 600 individual donations of £5 being made. 

Priority access

Be the first in line to read all new reports and white papers, including the follow up to our 2019 white paper. Everything we release is developed with charities and fundraisers in mind, so you can bank on relevant, data-driven content. Plus, get first dibs on discounted or complimentary tickets to exclusive GoodBox hosted events held throughout the year.

Free prize draws

You’ll be able to enter into regular prize draws to win GoodBox contactless hardware or other products and services to supercharge your organisation’s fundraising efforts.

Did we mention becoming a member is completely free?

For the 2020 financial year, we are offering full membership and all member benefits completely free of charge to charities. With no obligation or contractual tie-ins, it has never been easier or more cost effective to join the 1,500-strong GoodBox community, so do take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

So, what are you waiting for?

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