April 25, 2019

GoodPlate Launch Easter 2019

Easter 2019 marks a milestone for GoodBox as we step one foot closer to our vision, a better world where charities and causes can benefit from cutting edge technology.

Having recently secured a national contract with the Church of England, Easter was a fitting time to reveal what GoodBox has been working tirelessly on.

Presenting, the GoodPlate; a contactless offering plate enabling the religious sector to seamlessly accept contactless donations as well as cash. It consists of the GBx Mini housed within a custom built, hand-spun traditional brass plate.

Church attendance has been steadily declining in recent years. Not only that but cash donations are suffering heavily as society increasingly turns to alternative payment methods as the norm. The Church of England are responsible for the upkeep of these religious, cultural and community landmarks but in most cases are adamant on refusing to charge an admission fee, therefore relying solely on donations.

The Good Plate is the perfect addition to bridge the gap between old and new, allowing churches to become more effective and efficient with their fundraising. It’s often the case that patrons do in fact want to donate but lack the means to do so, queue the enthusiastic cheer at St Albans on Easter Sunday when the Good Plate was announced! And the results were spectacular with both the Mini and the Church plate achieving a full ROI in the first two days.

donating money GoodPlate digital collection plate

Features include:


  • both online and offline transactions

  • changeable donation amounts from £1 to £30

  • quick & hassle free to use

  • custom branding

  • up to three hours battery life

  • easy to remove for charging

Over the Easter weekend, the Good Plate went live in three dioceses across the country; St. Albans Cathedral, the Diocese of Oxford and the Diocese of London. Since the launch, the Good Plate is now available to other churches across the UK through www.goodbox.com, or through Parish Buying.

We’re offering an early bird price of £60 plus VAT until May 31st after which the Good Plate will retail at £139 plus VAT. Click here for more info.

“It was great to have the GoodBox Church Plate over the busy Easter weekend at St Albans Cathedral. Our congregations were excited to use this new innovative device and it proved to be a popular option on both the Sunday and Monday services.

The Church Plate itself is easy to use and looks fantastic! We are pleased to be working with GoodBox”.

–  Laura Bloom, Head of Visitor Services at St Albans Cathedral

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