May 7, 2019

Red Cross Week 2019

Red Cross Week takes place from 6-12 May. Over the course of the week, volunteers, staff and partners will celebrate the charitable work of the Red Cross, fundraising in shops, offices and high streets across the country.

• This year, for the first time ever, British Red Cross will be taking contactless donations, powered by Visa. 150 award-winning GBx Core devices from technology provider GoodBox will be rolled out to locations around the UK, enabling the public to donate through contactless alongside cash buckets.

British Red Cross will be shaking up their fundraising efforts this year with an exciting new addition – contactless donations. Supported by Visa, volunteers and staff across the country will carry 150 GoodBox contactless acceptance devices to accept donations digitally. Red Cross Week fundraising events come in all shapes and sizes, with fundraisers doing everything from sponsored walks to tea parties. All monies raised will go towards the vital work of the British Red Cross, both in the UK and through their international projects. In the UK, donations will go to ensure we continue to reunite families separated by war, teach first aid skills that save lives, help prepare communities at risk of severe weather and support people home from hospital to live independently.

Through support from Visa and GoodBox, fundraisers will be equipped with the Red Dot award-winning device the GBx Core. A custom-built contactless fundraising device, the GBx Core accepts payments from contactless bankcards and mobile devices. With a full HD touch-screen, British Red Cross can easily display their campaign messaging, whilst collecting contactless donations from £3 to £30.

“It’s fantastic to be able to offer contactless giving with Visa and GoodBox this Red Cross Week. The Red Cross relies on kind donations from our generous supporters throughout the year to continue to deliver our vital work in the UK and overseas. Working with technology partners in this way means we can continue to harness the kindness of others, wherever we are.”

Ben Cohen, Head of Fundraising Innovation, British Red Cross

“The work that British Red Cross do is absolutely vital, both here in the UK and overseas. GoodBox are delighted to be able to support during Red Cross Week with an alternative giving method through our contactless GBx Core. With the addition of our donation technology this year, British Red Cross will be able to engage the increasing number of Britons who no longer carry cash to donate to their life-changing work.”

– Andrew O’Brien, CEO of GoodBox

“We’re proud to support the important work the British Red Cross does to help vulnerable people across the UK and overseas. Equipping volunteers with contactless acceptance devices will support the Red Cross to reach its fundraising objectives. Ultimately, our aim is to make it easier and simpler than ever to donate.”

Bill Gajda, SVP, Digital Partnerships, FinTech and Venture, Visa