July 9, 2019

The GoodPlate used at General Synod Service at York Minster

Both the Archbishops of Canterbury and Archbishop of York attended the General Synod service at York Minster on Sunday 7th July 2019, where contactless giving was used alongside traditional collections.

Four GoodPlates were in use, which enabled the congregation to give through contactless donations, and cash. Default amounts were set at £5 and £10, and donors were able to easily donate more or less than this, using a touch screen on the device. Built specifically for churches and the religious sector, the GBx Mini enables a contactless donation to be processed in seconds, whilst the custom-built GoodPlate ensures that cash and contactless donations can be collected side by side; respecting traditional fundraising, whilst demonstrating the latest in donation technology. York Minster had an estimated 1,000 in attendance at the Synod service.

GoodBox first released the GoodPlate, a custom-built church plate, in celebration of their national contract with the Church of England through Parish Buying in April 2019.

GoodBox hardware is bursting with features built specifically for fundraisers and is the output of over two years of research, design and technical manufacture. In this instance, modern, clean design is complemented by a traditional brass plate surround, ensuring that the GoodPlate is a fitting fundraising tool for religious sites across the UK.

Pictured is John Morley, Head Steward at York Minster.

Photo credit: Ravage Productions

Over Easter, the GoodPlate was used at St Albans Cathedral, Diocese of Oxford and the Diocese of London. For other churches or mosques who are interested, our GoodPlate and GBx Mini is available for sale through goodbox.com and Parish Buying, where specially negotiated rates are available to Parish Buying members.

Andrew O’Brien, CEO GoodBox says, “GoodBox looks to design and build cutting edge technologies which complement the magnificent settings in which our products are often located. For some time now, we have been working with the Church of England through a national contract. The GoodPlate is a great example of the numerous products and accessories we are creating to encourage greater adoption of contactless within the church. Through the uplift in donation income that contactless brings, dioceses will be able to focus on the mission of their church and the preservation of their sites. This is a momentous occasion to raise the profile of contactless collections across the religious sector more widely.”

Neil Sanderson, Director York Minster Fund says, “York Minster Fund are delighted to be working with GoodBox and supporting the development of contactless giving in the Church”

Jonathan de Bernhardt Wood, National Advisor for Giving and Income Generation for The Church of England says, “The GoodPlate is a terrific innovation. It enables people to give by card, phone, notes and coins, all in a beautiful collecting plate which fits in perfectly with the church setting. I’m very grateful to York Minster for allowing us the opportunity to use the GoodPlate in this service. It is a great opportunity to show members of our General Synod, and all the congregation, how easy it now is to give contactlessly in church”.

Laura Bloom, Head of Visitor Services at St Albans Cathedral says, “It was great to have the GoodBox GoodPlate over the busy Easter weekend at St Albans Cathedral. Our congregations were excited to use this new innovative device and it proved to be a popular option on both the Sunday and Monday services. The GoodPlate itself is easy to use and looks fantastic!”


Photo credit: Ravage Productions

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