Charities & COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created numerous barriers to fundraising. We’re here to reduce those barriers with COVID-friendly contactless fundraising solutions, value-packed white papers and guidance for charities during this difficult time.

Our first priority is the health & safety of your staff, volunteers and supporters.

Our devices are contactless, cleanable and COVID-friendly, minimising the risk of transmission while ensuring donors can still support your cause. We’ve also just launched brand new bundles which enable unmanned fundraising with peace of mind.

Tips for fundraising during restrictions

Utilise default donation amounts

GoodBox devices can be set to a default donation amount between £1 and £45, eliminating the need for donors to touch the screen and scroll through amounts. Contact to change the default amount on your GBx Core. If you have a GBx Mini, check out our ‘How To’ video below on how you can do it yourself.

GBx Mini

Try CNP donations

What’s CNP you say? ‘Customer Not Present’ donations are possible with the GBx Mini. This means you can process a donation without the need to be with your donor, for example taking a donation over the phone. Just input the relevant information to your GBx Mini, as seen in our ‘How To’ video below, and process the donation right away. Please note that this function doesn’t come as default on the GBx Mini but if you would like to use it, email us at to enable it, at no extra charge of course.

How to process CNP donations

Use security packs

Our devices can be secured in place allowing them to be left to fundraise in unattended situations, perfect for places of worship, on a countertop or in a retail environment. If you need a security pack, just email See how our devices can be locked in place to enable unmanned fundraising in our ‘How To’ videos below.

GBx Core GBx Mini


This year the government announced a support package of £750 million for the charity sector. We have compiled a guide detailing what support is available, who is eligible and various other funding and support schemes accessible to charities right now. Click below to see if extra support is available to your organisation.

Funding guide

Our Products

GBx Podium@2x

GBx Podium

Ensure your fundraising has presence in larger spaces and grab donor attention with the GBx Podium

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Paired with:
Good plate bundle

GoodPlate Bundle

Perfect for places of worship, the GoodPlate bundle comes with a stand and an extra battery to enable unattended fundraising.

Learn More

GBx Mini

Seamlessly accept payments and donations

Learn More

GBx Core

Capture your donors’ attention

Learn More

Extra Resources

Finger on the pulse

We regularly publish data-rich reports packed full of actionable insights and the latest industry trends. Looking for our most recent white paper, Charities & Coronavirus: Weathering the Storm? Click here to download your copy.

Hygiene guidance

Our devices can be used without having to touch them but for added peace of mind, get your hands on a copy of our sanitising guidelines for extra steps on minimising the risk of transmission. Click here to download.

Larger donations

We’re always looking for ways to boost the funds that our charity partners can raise. When the contactless limit was raised to £45, our product team pulled out all the stops to ensure this feature was enabled for our clients without delay.

Pushing boundaries

We’re committed to driving innovation on behalf of charities. That’s why we’re continually developing new products and services to help charities raise more funds and better connect with their donors. Keep up to date with our latest developments by signing up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.


We understand the risk that comes with adopting new technology. That’s why we’ve made accessing our products and services easier than ever during the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve launched a free membership programme offering a host of benefits like quarterly membership offers on our hardware, free platform sign-up, priority access to our published research and much more.


Our support team are on hand to help you out of a tricky situation in this difficult time. Call us anytime from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday and 10am-4pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays on 0808 196 1808. Prefer email? Just send your query to

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