Gift Aid

Thought you couldn’t claim Gift Aid on contactless donations? Think again.

We are dedicated to bringing our clients the latest and greatest fundraising innovations.

That’s why we are launching a revolutionary Gift Aid solution which enables charities to increase their digital donations by 25%. Our Gift Aid service is powered by Swiftaid – a digital intermediary that provides a fully automated Gift Aid solution which works seamlessly with GoodBox contactless devices.

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That’s how much charities are missing out on every single year in unclaimed Gift Aid.

How it works

Once you’ve registered your charity with Swiftaid, we will link your contactless devices to your new Gift Aid account. Once linked, Gift Aid will be added to any donation made through that device by a donor that has signed up to Swiftaid. The Gift Aid will then make its way directly from HMRC to the charity. We handle the entire process, so you can begin collecting Gift Aid on your contactless donations without endless paperwork.

Zero admin

Admin and GDPR requirements are all taken care of, including the record-keeping required by HMRC. A simple portal enables you keep track of all claims.

Safe & trusted

Approved by the Financial Conduct Authority, Swiftaid was the first solution to be recognised by HMRC that automates Gift Aid on contactless donations.

Seamless set-up

Registering your charity will only take 10 minutes and we will take care of hooking up your contactless units, so you can focus on what matters – your fundraising.

Fair and simple fees

Charities will be charged a fee of 5% based on the amount of Gift Aid claimed on each donation. This enables Swiftaid to handle the whole process:

✅ Matches a donor to their donation
✅ Creates a Gift Aid declaration
✅ Sends a claim to HMRC
✅ Keeps a record of all declarations and claims
✅ Takes care of GDPR requirements & auditing for HMRC

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