Raise funds for your church with safe & secure contactless donations

In an increasingly cashless society, ensure your church can collect digital donations with ease.

As we reach for our phones or cards to make payments, it is vital that churches aren’t left behind. At GoodBox we build contactless hardware to enable you to accept donations with a simple tap, and software to help you understand donor behaviour better. In addition, we have a wealth of knowledge in contactless giving, and love to work collaboratively with our customers to help them get the most out of their fundraising. Download our Parish Buying pricing here.

Our Products:

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GBx Core

Capture your donors’ attention



GBx Podium


GBx Mini

Seamlessly accept payments and donations






GBx Mini Stand



GoodPlate Bundle


How to get going?

Step 1

To start processing donations, we need you to sign-up to our platform by completing a MAF (Merchant Application Form). If you need some help completing this, check out our handy sign-up guidance.

Merchant Application Form Sign Up Guidance

Step 2

Decide what product best suits your fundraising needs. If you want to fill a large space, check out the free standing GBx Podium. If you’re after a handheld device which can accept donations over £30, take a look at the Chip & Pin enabled GBx Mini. Or if you’re looking to catch attention with a visual campaign, look at our GBx Core. If you need any help, give us a call on 0333 050 4736.

Step 3

Choose a payment plan that is right for you. To ensure that we can cater to charities and churches of all shapes and sizes, we offer rentals and outright purchase options. Consider signing up for our Membership programme – registering takes just a minute, and you’ll have access to additional discounts & other perks.


Step 4

Get in touch! Drop us a line at applications@goodbox.com with your completed MAF form, and an order form.

Why GoodBox?

Analyse your fundraising

Our portal allows you to view donation data that can be used to improve your fundraising. Want to know what time of day you receive most donations? Or how much you've raised in a certain period? Those insights and more are at your fingertips with the GBx Portal.

Sole-sector focus

We design all of our products and services with charities, non-profits, churches, museums and community groups front of mind. That means we are always focused on the bespoke needs of the sector, from building an all-in-one fundraising platform to releasing custom-built accessories.

Partners, not providers

At GoodBox, your success is our goal and we're with you every step of the way. From fee-free fundraising options to a dedicated Customer Success team, we're here to ensure you get the most from our platform.

Get started today!

Review our T&Cs, find out more about GoodBox and get in touch today to begin your contactless journey.

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